Guiding individuals, teams and organizations through the process of activating vision.

We always begin with in-depth conversations with the executive.

We have found that often executives will identify problems needing attention such as sales and profits, poor quality senior teams, and poor succession planning. Other times it is more subjective in nature such as poor morale, culture slippage, and poor employee attitudes.

We next discuss with a handful of leaders their perceptions of the problems and come up with a list of approaches to solve. These have most frequently resulted in the following efforts:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board effectiveness
  • Succession planning
  • Multiple department coordination
  • Implementing goals
  • Dealing with problem executives

Sometimes we focus only on the senior executive and the issues they are addressing such as stress, unbalanced business-family balance, indecisiveness, lack of focus, anxiety, and poor personal relationships with other executives.

We have a full range of associates that can be called upon with unique experiences and abilities in the above areas.